Integrated Windows Authentication Feature


Recently we finished a proof-of-concept project on SuiteCRM to implement Integrated Windows Authentication utilizing the current LDAP Authenticate module plus the the support of apache_mod_kerb (but not limited). Basically this new sso feature enables the signed-in Domain users to access the CRM with seamless authentication (no need to provide any credentials again and again). How cool is that! :wink:

I would like to know how I can contribute this work to your project or who I should contact to refine this feature so it can be merged into the core code.


Even if they are not, I would be very interested. Would you be willing to share on a PM basis?



I would also be interested - any news on this?

Almost 6 years later now, but does anyone know if this is still around or on a different thread? Havenโ€™t had much luck looking around for it. This would be a great feature to have!