Integrate Hubspot Intelligence

It would be nice if the hubspot intelligence module could be updated from the old leads api to their new contacts api and included with suitecrm as an alternative or in addition to insideview. The last published version of the hubspot module and installation guide can be found here: and
and the new API documentation can be found here:


I’m the original developer of the HubSpot Sugar CRM integration that used to be provided by HubSpot. I’ve moved on to build a data integration platform with a team of great folks here at Bedrock Data.

We offer a HubSpot Sugar CRM integration that works with HubSpot’s newest APIs and are in the process of testing it against SuiteCRM as we upgrade it to use the latest REST APIs.

We’ll keep you posted on the results!

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Hi Ben,

This would be a welcome contribution as an extension for SuiteCRM and an addition to our extension directory. We would like to spread the word to all developers and community members who are willing to develop and contribute extensions for SuiteCRM.

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