Installing previous version

Hello, due to an obsolete PHP (5.3.3) in my server, I’m not able to install latest version of SuiteCRM, which needs at least PHP 5.5.9.

I have two options (changing from server is not possible atm) while I await for PHP to be updated in the server:

  1. Installing SugarCRM CE 6.5.18 and then migrate to latest SuiteCRM version when I’m able to.
  2. Installing previous SuiteCRM version (perhaps 7.1.1) and then migrate to latest SuiteCRM version when I’m able to.

So, my questions are:

a) What would be the best choice?
b) Does SugarCRM CE have same UI, same options than SuiteCRM? Transition will be painless?
c) Same as (b) but for previous SuiteCRM version?

I appreciate someone can help me with that.


From SugarCRM to SuiteCRM you’re always going forward. I don’t think it makes any sense to install SugarCRM in 2018. Some important options like Workflow and Security Suite would be missing.

But I think all of this is so much trouble, and is so misguided in terms of security concerns, that it will always be less work to just Do The Right Thing and upgrade that PHP in your server, or get an extra, temporary server with a modern PHP, just so you can install the latest SuiteCRM. The cost of this for a few months, while you wait to upgrade the other server, could be something like $50 for external hosting, or you can get any old computer in your office and do it. How much is your time worth, and the security of your customer’s data?

(and if you operate in Europe, there’s also GDPR).

EDIT: oh, and you can also look into using two different PHP versions simultaneously.

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The choice will definitively be to migrate to another hosting service.

Thanks and cheers.