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Installation hangs step 2 of 2 on ubuntu 22.04

New installation I fill out all the sections and when I hit Nest button a small pop-up shows very briefly that I think the header is verify db credentials. it goes away quickly and I am left on same page nothing changed.
I have not created the database yet and for the database user I selected “Define user to create”
I do not know how to access and read the installation log.

I created database and user and granted all permissions to user, changed " SuiteCRM Database User i" to “Provide existing user” with no change in results. Installed database is MariaDB 10.6.7
Trying to install SuiteCRM 8.1.2

Ok, now I’m getting 1 error messages in 2 locations:
Message: Please fix the following errors before proceeding:

  • Session directory provided is not a valid directory.
  • Required field

Site Configuration
Site Security