Installation Guide for SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin v1.1.0.9

Hi Will,

is there an INSTALLATION GUIDE for Outlook 2013/2010, how to install the plugin?

I tried it for Outlook 2013 via File > Options > AddIns … using Browser Upload (*.zip). But it was not accepted … what it is understandable.

How I can achieve this correctly?

Thank you very much

The Outlook Plugin does not get uploaded to the CRM.

I>> It is an installable plug-in for Outlook to sync to SuiteCRM.



Hi there,

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Is it so difficult to give an advice, where I can find guidance to install the SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin …?



Hi Frank

Just to confirm Will’s answer:
The Outlook-Plugin is NOT intended to be uploaded and installed into the SuiteCRM moduls!
If you extract the .zip-File you will see a folder called “Setup” with a “setup.exe” inside. Just run this .exe and the plugin gets installed into your local Outlook. Afterwards if you start Outlook you will see a tab in the ribbon called “SuiteCRM”. There you find the “Settings” where you can insert your SuitCRM-URL, username and password. My advise: uncheck everything aroud archiving and just test the connection. If it works, you can start writing an email an you get the SuiteCRM-AddressBook to klick on and search for your Leads, Contacts etc.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: