Installation failed to the last step

Ubuntu 18.2
php 7.2
mysql 5.7
apache 2.4

Every time I install to the last step, I stop when I start creating databases and tables. I queried the database and created the library I named, but I didn’t create any one. I changed a lot of environments and didn’t know where the problem was. There are no records for suitecrm.log at the same time.
I hope to get help, thank you very much.

Please check install.log

You might be lacking a proper configuration of your database access via PHP. Your PHP needs to have the necessary modiules installed and activated in php.ini.

Then your database user must have access to create databases and change their structure.

Normally the recommended way is to NOT add a database for SuiteCRM manually in mysql, but rather to let the SuiteCRM installer create it.