Install Versions?

We have a test version of SuiteCRM (Current Gold) running with the following:

Ubuntu Server 14.04
Default Lamp
MYSQL 5.5.4
PHP 5.5.9
Apache 2.4.7
Again in out lab it seems to run well. Please tell me how much trouble I will have if you know or I am just stuck going backwards to the older versions?


Hi Joe,

From what we are aware, if you disable Strict Standard errors from being outputted onto the page, there are no show stopping issues.

If you do come across any, please let us know and we will log and work to resolve.



Great Thanks

Hi Will,

did you Try to create a Field in Builder?
For me it is not working with PHP 5.5.9. If I switch to PHP 5.3 it works…

Can you confirm this?


You’ll need to provide more information. Is it a standard or custom module? What version of SuiteCRM are you running? Have you checked your sugarcrm.log/error.log for errors?



Ubuntu 14.04 Server
PHP Version 5.5.9
MySql 5.5.43
suiteCRM 7.2.1

Just make a new Module for testing, and try to create new Fields…

My mistake was to enable NGINX - PHP 5.5.9 - this is not working. (No error PHP Logs generated…)
Apache and PHP 5.5.9 is working!

Do you have a Solution for NGINX - PHP-FPM 5.5.9. It seems that “not creating Fields in Buider” is the only issue…


I test it once again and Apache and PHP 5.5.9 NOT working!
Can you please test it?