install.php Blank Page

I am trying to gett 7.1.3 MAX working on IIS7 and Windows 2008R2 and I am not getting anywhere. The install.php is giving a blank page though in the IIS logs I get a status 200.

I have changed the permissions as explained in the previous threads and added IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool to the folder.

Any pointers?


After 3 hours of frustration, it was the following for Windows Setup:

  1. Give the permissions to the Application pool as described in to the SuiteCRM folder.
  2. Write a test script with <?php phpinfo(); ?> to ensure that php stuff is setup correctly.
  3. Pay close attention to the output of #2 when it comes to TMP and TEMP directories; Search for TEMP in that output
  4. PHP needs to write to those directories as well; and that needs to be setup in two places:
    • In the php.ini file search for:
      a. open_basedir --> Add the TEMP and TMP directories (if different) to this location along with your docroot. Windows paths are ‘;’ separated.
      b. upload_tmp_dir --> Value of the TEMP and TMP directories

Recycle IIS and this should solve the problem. If it does not, edit install.php and add a die command to see which line it is failing on.


Hi there,

Thanks for the contribution of your solution, and hopefully it will assist others.