Install issues

I dont know what I am doing wrong but:

  1. I downloaded the SuiteCRM 7.2 MAX from
  2. I uploaded ALL the unzipped files to my hosting subfolder
  3. Nothing happens.
Trust me, all the files are there under /flucsa3 folder.
What I am missing?
Thank you

It sounds like your server either isn’t finding SuiteCRM.
I’d check your permissions. Also, to confirm it’s the right place. If you create an index.php file with the following in your web root with the following:

echo "Hello world!";

What do you see when you go to the URL?


I renamed origina index.php to index.php-BCK and I create a new index.php with the hello world code, and it works.

“Hello world!”

What I do wrong?

It’s possible that there’s some error causing an issue. Is there any errors in your PHP logs?

If your not sure how to access these an alternative would be to turn on display_errors. You can add this to first line of the original index.php (after <?php)
by adding the following:



I did what you told me, but nothing happens.
In server I dont have any error logs…
Does it helps if I send you in private the FTP accounts? (PLEASE!)
Thank you


If you’ve followed the installation guide ( and you meet the requirements then I’m not sure what is going on in that case.

You can try different ways of enabling display_errors here: to try to track down the issue.

Accessing your server directly is unfortunately not something I can do.


Hi again
I followed the instruction…I am at step 4.

Set ownership of the SuiteCRM directory:
chgrp ApacheUser.ApacheGroup -R recursively sets ownership for root directory to Apache user and group.

It is a shared server. What can I do? (If this is where the problem is)


You may need to confirm with your host how to set permissions. Most ftp clients have this as an option however. The ApacheUser and ApacheGroup to use will depend on your host.


I use Total Commander for FTP and all my files have the 755 permission… Is that ok?