Install Issue Suitecrm 8 - probably something very basic

We have installed SuiteCRM 8 from the download on site and extracted the download into the WAMP directory /www and all seems fine. Our install is running in Microsoft Windows.

After a false start by trying the version 7 install and not finding the install.php file, we found the correct documentation and have, as far as we can see, set the permissions and so on correctly,

Using MS Edge or Chrome, when we go in with the command localhost/suitecrm8/ it correctly displays the directory, so the links seem correct.

However, when we try to initiate the install, as instructed in the documentation, entering https://localhost/suitecrm8/ it brings up the ‘localhost refused to connect’ error.

Try as we might by googling etc… we cannot get this to work. We have checked the Virtual host config, modified the Apache config and so on. and PHP is running with all listed extensions.

Can anyone shed any light on what we are missing, which is probably something very simple but we are scratching out heads. As not Linux experts, there may be some of the instructions online which we have skipped as they are not directly aligned to Windows.

Any help gratefully received.

Hi all,

Problem found - We are also a MS Teams user, and I noticed on one of the google searches a comment from someone about Skype using Port 80 which could produce a conflict.

Teams is basically the replacement for Skype for business, and works in a similar way. I quit Teams and ensured that it was not still active and hey presto, when I entered the local hosts address, using the /#/install at the end, away it went.
Installed the system fine and logged in. Now I have a much more application specific issue. I will post separately, as it is not an installation issue.
The dashboard doesn’t function. Comes up with a host of deprecated errors. Strangely, accounts, contacts etc… all seem to work fine and the demo data from the install displays fine.

Hopefully this helps someone else in the future who encounters the same issue.

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