Install Help

Hi there, got an error whilst installing Suite CRM :dry:


  1. Whats caused this to happen?
  2. How do i fix it?
  3. Am i likely to receive similar errors after this step is done?

Thanks for any help in advance

Hi there,

What is your Server/MySQL/PHP setup? What permissions are set on your SuiteCRM instance? What are the following set to in your php.ini:




Also, what is your memory_limit value in your php.ini? It seems to be 64MB. We would recommend 256MB for SuiteCRM.



Hi Will, thanks for the quick reply

The hosting is with Go Daddy, this is what is says

Apache version 2.4.9
PHP version 5.4.23
MySQL version 5.5.32-cll-lve

Can not see a php.ini file anywhere? I will probably need to contact them to get this changed, is that what the issue is?

You are correct garf3r just upgrade your plan or contact your webhost by email. Raising PHP memory limit above 128mb is usually a service that webhosts like to charge for.

Hi Garf3r, in a shared hosting environment, typically you have to override the php.ini locally. They won’t change php.ini, as it will affect hundreds of websites. I’m not on go-daddy, but on my shared-host, I need a phprc file, stored in /home/user/.php/5.4/phprc

upload_max_filesize = 128M
post_max_size = 128M
max_execution_time = 600
max_input_time = 600
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT…

Hi thanks for all the replies (really helpful forum)

I’ve contacted them, just awaiting a response.

Don’t mind paying for it if its going to work :)! Just saw on the GoDaddy hosting that they have a pre-installed Sugar CRM, and that install has worked, but i still want to go with Suite CRM as it has much more on offer