Install Hangs at Step 2

I’ve seen this post go unanswer before… so I am posting again.

Can’t get pass the license agreement. Clicking next throws a JS Error. “YAHOO not defined” tried many things to fix the problem… nothing as worked.

Did you set the folder permissions correctly BEFORE starting the installations? It may be the problem.

I did a CHMOD 777 on the whole folder … before starting the install.

I have done this install about 10 times before without problems. First time that client has FreeBSD instead of CentOS or Fedora (RHEL). That is the only difference.

There is in fact a bug. After 2 days of searching I found the problem.

sugar_grp1_yui.js has a syntax error somewhere. I just copied it from an older working install and it now it works fine.

This is from the full download of 7.2.2.-max