Install Error

After installing the Suitecrm Max I get the final config screen. I click next and then get a server 500 error. The doc says everything was successful and installed correctly. Any help or ideas.

Please tell us what operating system your server setup e.g, php version etc…

Check you have set permission correclty.

I have Windows 2012 with IIS. Pho is the lates version. Sugarcrm is running correctly. I have set all permissions to R/W/M for all users and removed read only.

Hmm cant really advise you on windows servers. We are all Linux based. There must be an issue with running on windows servers that we have not came across. Ill advise our technical lead.

Thats ok, it is strange that it made it through the install then wont load.

So I have fixed the error here is what it is.

On IIS I created the suitecrm under the Sugarcrm folder, removed it and put it under the web root
I then created a URL to the new folder through the ISP
I them created new website in IIS and dedicated it to the new folder I created wityh Suitecrm in it.
The install ran without issue and the site is running now.

I’m also getting install errors. I get a 500 internal server error when I unzip the files on my server.

Server details:

Apache version 2.2.24
PHP version 5.3.24
MySQL version 5.1.73-cll