Insert Case Number into Autoreply

I am trying to auto reply to new cases with the case number in it and nothing I have tried works.
From other forum posts I have tried those solutions (with square brackets and removing the a) but none of those solutions works either.

Have tried this
and this

The Insert Variable: is supposedly where you can drop that into but that is not working

Any thoughts appreciated.

Hi Grow,

I’d expect that using “$acase_case_number” would work, as it does so on the OOTB “Case Creation” template.

What method are you using to send the auto-reply email, by chance?
(ie: via the Inbound Email’s “Auto-Reply Template” field, or the one set in the “AOP Settings” in the Admin panel?)

It may be worth having a look in the “AOP Settings” section, and selecting your email template there as the “Case Created Email Template” value.

Does it work as expected through this?