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Inline editing issues

I have just upgraded to 7.4.3 and I thought I’d test the in-line editing

I turned it on but it is not working

in list view I get a JavaScript error:

TypeError: $(…)[0] is undefined

var inlineEditIcon = $("#inline_edit_icon")[0].outerHTML;

Any ideas on how to fix this would be much appreciated

I also did a fresh install of 7.4.3 and it works on that instance

Also I know I can turn off inline editing by field in studio but how can I turn it off for some modules?


To resolve your issue with inline editing, try these tips by MatthewJones:
1.) Go to Admin > System Settings
2.) Uncheck BOTH inline editing check boxes. There’s one for detail view and another for list view. (Save changes)
3.) Do a quick repair and rebuild
4.) Go back to Admin > System Settings
5.) Re-Check both inline editing check boxes. (Save Changes)

In regards to disabling inline editing at a Module level, I don’t think that this is possible using the tools provided by SuiteCRM, but It would probably be possible through changes in the code.



That has mainly fixed it - I am missing the inline edit icon but now the functionality works

I’ll have to delve into the code to see how I can disable it by module and try and find the missing icon

Just thought i’d drop you the solution to this. I can only speak to those who have migrated from SugarCRM 6.5 CE because i’m not sure if others are having the same issue. The simple fix for this is to find the following file which should be located:


find the following line
var inlineEditIcon = $("#inline_edit_icon")[0].outerHTML; (around line number 44)

comment the line out so that you keep the original just in case you run into problems you can easily revert back

insert the following where you just comment out the line on (around line number 44)
var inlineEditIcon = $(".inlineEditIcon")[0].outerHTML;

Save when your done and all should be right in the world and inline editing should now function. Enjoy