Inline editing bugs in List View

In 7.3 Max (release, not beta), I’ve enabled inline-editing and immediately noticed two bugs.

  1. Double-clicking an item in List View works. Clicking the pencil icon does nothing.

  2. Clicking away from an inline-edit of a dropdown field shows the fieldname instead of the label:

  • Click on “Cases” to see a list view of cases (this should be reproducable anywhere)
  • Double-click on a dropdown field such as “Status” or “Priority”.
  • Click AWAY from the dropdown box.
  • Click “OK” on the dialog box alerting you to unsaved changes
    The entry will now show the fieldname instead of the label.

You have to double click to action inline editing, even if clicking on the icon. This may be something we address if required.
We are aware of the field name issue and this has already been logged on our GitHub:

Oddly enough, I cannot edit the fields in the List View by double-clicking on them, while the “Inline editing” is ticked in the fields in Studio.
Could there be something wrong with the configuration of my laptop? I also have the problem with the navigating arrows not functioning to view the other contacts listed under an Account…
Could you help?
Kind regards,

Do you see the inline edit pencil? If not, then you need to clear your cache and perform a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair.

Hi Wim,
Thanks for your reply. I’ve cleared the cache in Chrome and run the Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin, but I still can’t see the inline edit pencil (apart from in the fields of the modules in Studio.
Is there anything else I should do?
We’ve found the problem with the navigating arrows not working, it’s linked to a problem we have here, as when we bypass the reverse proxy of the domain name the CRM uses, the navigating arrows function…
But even when using the other address to access the CRM, I can’t see the edit pencil.
Is there anything else I should do?
Kind regards,