Incoming e-mails problems

Hi all,
Moving this message from installation thread

I am setting up new install of SuiteCRM and found few issues with incoming e-mails.

  1. E-mails are only received if they are unread somewhere else. For example, an e-mail is sent and I read it on my mobile before CRM has a chance to run its cron job. In this case, CRM never receives the e-mail (all my mail clients are IMAP, so message is there, just marked as read). For that same reason, importing of mailbox does not work as well.
    If I mark message as “unread” in my mail client, CRM rsuddenly eceives it.

  2. When CRM has a chance to get the e-mail first, it marks it as “read” on the server. Even if I did not open it yet. As a result, I do not see notification from external mail client (my mobile for example).

  3. I have lead page open. At this time, an e-mail arrives related to this particular lead. Should I see any notifications? I only know about e-mail when I refresh the page and it appears in the list of e-mails.