Income product module issues after upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.13.1

After 7.13.1 is upgraded, product module cannot create products. After entering product information and saving, the page is as follows. How can I solve the problem? thanks a lot.

Hi @zhangxuming , can you check what is on your suitecrm.log?

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on Feb 13 11:20:41 2023 [37207][1][SECURITY] Invalid ext AOS_Products Uploaded image file: : ‘’.
Mon Feb 13 11:20:41 2023 [37207][1][FATAL] AOS_Products save - Invalid image file ext : ‘’.
Mon Feb 13 11:20:41 2023 [37207][1][FATAL] Exception handling in /var/www/html/suitecrm/include/MVC/Controller/SugarController.php:397
Mon Feb 13 11:20:41 2023 [37207][1][FATAL] Exception in Controller: Invalid request

Hey this should help you

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Oh, it really works! Awesome!thank you very much!

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Hi, @ zhangxuming - my Suite crm got same error: don’t work for me!

Update 7.12.7 to version 7.13.1
edit products, or edit quotes … Any, can not save - the page will not transfer and will appear “blank page” with the URL structure

  • at edit url: https: //my Module = aos_products & offset = 1 & stamp = 16763746350836800 & return_module = aos_products & action = Editview & record = 1e6b076b-2fc9-2b0e
  • After Press Save: https://my / index.php → “blank page”

I tried to follow the instructions at: [FATAL] AOS_Products save - Invalid image file ext : ''. (after upgrade to 7.13.1)
But no results … The above error still does not change - Any same - Help !

The second solution I found was to upload a 0 byte image file, such as a. bmp, and it was saved successfully.

Whether not to edit any details, or just change the image type … all Not Save … all are white pages.
[!!!] I return to version 7.12.9 used, the patch will wait in the new version 7.13.2