Inbox not showing

I added 2 inbound accounts with their folders, one of them only shows the inbox, the other only shows the drafts ( first one is personal inbound made via personal connection and provider, the other is a group account)

Which version of Suite?
Which version of PHP?
Which email provider - azure, amazon, gmail, other (specify) ?

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Have you subscribed to both inboxes in your personal settings?

Also, Group accounts don’t work at the moment. Only Admins will see them (if at all).

Here’a a tutorial I did for setting up email, pay attention to the “subscribe” part. That’s what most people miss:

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latest version of suite
php version 8
server address used (inbound) is outlook, outbound is sendgrid SMTP relay

Yes , I can view the folders per say, its just that, only the main inboxes appear , if I try to open drafts or sent emails from the first inbox, it just opens the second inbox instead :

This looks broken to me in SuiteCRM 8. I only have one inbox configured in my test install and wehn I click on “drafts” fore example, I don’t have any and I get an empty list. However, now there is no way to go back to the inbox!

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