Inbound mail issues

Good Day

I am trying to receive inbound mail on the CRM,

I can send mail without any issues, only my private webmail receives the inbound mail and none are received on the crm.

Inbound should still deliver to the crm as this is a IMAP mail server.

Configuration for inbound mail as seen below :

Mail Account Information :

Mail Server Protocol : IMAP
Mail Server Port : 993
Use SSL : Yes
Status : Active
Monitored Folders : INBOX
Trash Folder : INBOX.Trash
Sent Folder : INBOX.Sent

Advanced Setup

Import Emails Automatically : Yes
Create Case from Email : Yes
Distribution Method : Round-Robin
New Case Auto-Reply Template : Case Creation
Auto-Reply Template : Case Creation
No Auto-Reply to this Domain :
Leave Messages On Server : Yes

Please advise ?