inbound emails: how to control who gets assigned?

with inbound emails, the following configuration items are available:

Email Handling Options
 	  	"From" Name:* 	 
Import Emails Automatically: Information 		"From" Address:*Information	
Create Case from Email: Information	 	 "Reply-to" Name: 	
Distribution Method: 	 	 	  
New Case Auto-Reply Template: Information	    
 	  	 "Reply-to" Address: 	 
 	  	Allow users to send emails using the "From" Name and Address as the reply to address: Information	
Auto-Reply Template: Information	    
No Auto-Reply to this Domain: Information		Number of Auto-responses: Information	
Leave Messages On Server:		 

There is a distribution method.

How can I force all incoming emails to be distributed to a particular security group?

or forced to be assigned to a single specific user always?


I’m also looking for this.

It should be clearly documented, since it’s a usual use case. :frowning:

Anybody listening?

Hi, I have created a howto for this here.

The link above has been broken by the migration of the forum.

How to is here now.