Inbound Email - Workflow

Long time Everyone!

We are leveraging inbound email case creation which is working fine. We then run an openworkflow that takes a case created by the administrator and manipulates the status and priority and assigns it to a Security Role. All is well till we attempt to add another monitored email box…

Should I be using openworkflow natively to somehow monitor the inbound mailboxes, create cases and assign to particular groups of users? Any examples?


Hi Nate,

Try creating a CRM user specific to each monitored inbox. Then use the instruction here to make the inbound case creation assign the case to the appropriate user (instead of administrator).

Now each of your workflows can look for cases created by the appropriate user.

My process assigns to a security group AND another non login CRM user called nobody which acts as an unassigned job queue for members of that security group.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for this, Bruce.

This workaround took care of a bug previously i see. Do you know if this is going to become part of any GUI updates so we don’t have to hack the DB to achieve the functionality to monitor and distribute multiple inbound email streams? Also is this DB change protected in the future patching of SuiteCRM? Don’t want to implement and then have it bite me or anyone else later on down the road.


Hi Nate,

“I don’t know” is the answer to all of your questions. I am not part of the developer group and I have not used any official upgrades on my installation.