Inbound email problem

i am facing one typical issue in InboundEmail module which is not loading the IMAP configured INBOX folders in the popup as shown in the screenshot.

can anybody please help me out from this issue.

@vishwa_vajragiri please don’t post this on an vaguely-related 3-year old discussion… just start your own topic.

I moved your post to a separate thread.

Having the same problem with 8.2.4. It assigns wrong folders when I complete the setup and assign the account to a user.

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it is working fine with OAuth configuration but when it comes to basic authentication
still facing same issue in local system. but it is not giving error in sandbox server.

what may be the reason can someone help me out with this issue.

Thanks in Advance

it is resolved by installing the php-imap and php-zip plug-in on server.

due to that folder list is not coming. now it is resolved

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