Inbound Email Configuration for Individual Users

Has ANYONE gotten email service to work with SuiteCRM.

  1. I am able to set up the “global” outbound server no problem
  2. however, when i log in as an individual user, I am unable to set up inbound email for an indivual user. the software complains that i must specify an outgoing server for this, but as you can see from attached pic 1, there is nothing in the select box at the bottom to from which to choose.
  3. so, i tried setting up outgoing server for that individual, and am able to do so (send test email, select trash and sent mail boxes. etc), however, after hitting done and confirming the “must reload page” dialog, the server settings that i just save don’t show up anywhere. I looked in the DB and see the settings in the “outbound email” table, but alas, nothing through the UI (see pic 2)
  4. i’ve already tried this making sure to set the indivual as a “system admin” prior to settings configuration to try to somewhat eliminate the possibility that the user had this module disabled via acl_roles

nevermind. found the problem. it was due to a completely unrelated custom javascript call.