Inactive/deleted workflow still running in background

After modified the action of the workflow, this workflow still run the old action and not the new action. Had done inactive this workflow and active again, this workflow still run the old action. Worst is even after deleted this workflow, the workflow still run. Any way to clear the workflow cache (as “Repair and Quick Rebuild” doesn’t help).

We are using Version 7.10.29


Hi @hes-jonathan,
You have to change the workflow inactive status (one of your workflows is set to inactive so it won’t run at all. Also, you want to have repeated runs selected otherwise the workflow or each lead will only change status once)and deleted status=1.

When workflow does not working you can try with a logic hook (after _delete and before-delete) see the logichooks= Logic Hooks in SuiteCRM: How to Create it?

It will defiantly help.

That is very strange.
Can you share the evidence you have that the workflow is running?
Have you looked in the AOw______ log tables. Does it show new logs with the ID of the workflow you deleted?
That seems very unlikely.
But if is true - then the next step is to check the AOW tables and see if ‘deleted=1’ is indeed set for the ID of the workflow you believe is deleted.