In-line edit field small

When double clicking in the description field.

A two line edit field becomes visible.

How to set e.g a standard of 20 lines for the edit field?

Currently I need to drag the field larger manually every time.

Thank you.

Well. All those inline edit definitions are stored in file include/InlineEditing/InlineEditing.php

You should be able to make a copy of it under custom/include/InlineEditing/InlineEditing.php (Not sure if file is going to be picked up. But its worth to try… )
From there, look for these lines and make changes to your convenience:

 // trim down textbox display
    if ($vardef['type'] == 'text') {
        $vardef['rows'] = 2;
        $vardef['cols'] = 32;

Last, do a QR&R before testing.

Please let us know if it works.