In a view, allow the action to a specific user in a field

Hello Community of Sugar Developers a question?
In the view of an Edit View module I need a user to have the option to select an option in a drop-down field and the other users do not have permission or action on that option, as I can control or verify that the user that is logged in can see that option and the rest not?
PHP: 5.6.36
Windows Server 2012 R2
Version 7.10.5
Sugar version: 6.5.25

I do not mean the creation of roles

There is no such feature to offer field-level access control.

You can do your customization in the back-end, or in the front-end. Back-end is probably easier to make a secure solution. You would need to override the display class of the view, search for examples.

Thanks for your immediate response. It seems to me that I will have to carry out this perzonalization on both sides, one that consists of detecting the user and assigning permission in that field and back-end to perform an action in the field.
If I find another form of information.