Improved email templates in 7.1


I have installed SuiteCRM 7.1 and imported all my custom modules and data.

I want to play around with the improved workflow / email templates. I’ve noticed that in the latest version 7.1, custom modules are now showing in the variables list which is great, hopefully this means I can include custom module variables into my emails! Hurrah.

Problem is, when I go to write the email and select the template, although the custom variables are shown, the “related to” dropdown doesn’t show my custom modules.

Therefore I can’t actually send an email that populates those variables.

Any pointers?

Hi there,

Custom module variables should show in email templates. How was the module added/how did you add the fields?



Hi Will

I realised in the end that I needed to add a relationship to the “Activities” module in order for the variables to show in email templates. Now it works.

But I’m still having huge troubles trying to actually get variables from custom modules to pick up on the email that is sent. e.g. the email body shows the following:

Dear Bill

Your gallery is ready. Please click the following link:


i.e. when I insert a variable from the account module it works fine, but from a custom module it simply doesn’t display the value.

What am I doing wrong?

I have the same issue, did you solve this? MrMat