Importing various documents via Import Wizard

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I’m SuiteCRM newbie and still playing around with functions of CRM (version 7.9.9.) to figure out how to organize the structure to match my needs. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to import various types of documents like .doc, .docx or .pdf and it doesn’t work. As I understood from User’s Guide

As you can see in attached photo, after choosing the file for upload, my entire screen becomes inaccessible and the only thing I can do is to hit browser’s “back” button.
Is it possible to upload such documents in the first place? If it is, is there another way to do it (maybe there’s a bug in Import Wizard only)?

The reason why I’m trying to do this is because I think it would be convenient to be able to access, let’s say, to original contract signed by a client directly from the SuiteCRM (if needed, user(s) can quickly check the contract or its parts). Or some manuals or blueprints needed by workers on the site etc.

If it’s not possible, maybe it could be implemented by developers, I’m sure it would be very welcomed by many users.

Thank you in advance for looking at this post and for any given answer or suggestion!
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This should work, I think you’re just doing it wrong.

The Import wizard is supposed to receive a text file, a CSV, with lines to Import. I’m not sure exactly what the Import wizard does for documents, I think it just receives a list, then there must be some other way to move the actual files to the server.

To upload a document, just go into the detail view of an Account, or of a Contact, scroll down to the “Documents” subpanel, and hit “Create”. This will make the new document be related to that Account or that Contact.

An alternative way is to start from the Documents module itself, and then relate the Document to some record.

If you don’t need to keep several revisions of a document, I advise not using Documents, but rather Notes (which can have external files as attachments). See

If you really want to do a bulk import I suggest you read this:

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Thank you for clearing this up for me! Now I have precise idea on how do separate and organize external documents to use them as the reference point.
Best regards and have a nice day!