Importing user/lead data

Looking at testing the app. I might have potential users/leads from another app. The initial user input would have userEmailAddress. Can this simply be imported/tracked?

At the same time, I’ll also have users with more complete fields. — name,email,title,city,etc… Can this data also be imported/tracked/managed.


Yes you can import any field in SuiteCRM and to any module. There are minimum requirements though. For leads, you need at a minimum email address and lastname. You can make it up if you like, Like “unknown” but it must contain a value.


so, if i have a simple workflow… something like:

test web app has user complete joinForm (with email/name/data fields…)
this is then sent to srvrside, for a db/tbl store – call it tmpUserWaitlist

I can then have some sort of “scheduled” crom/process that would import the data from the dbAA.tmpUserWaitlist tbl, and insert/import it into the suiteCRM_DB.userWaitlistTBL with the appropriate fields.

I’m assuming if the above is more or less correct, then suiteCRM has a method to point input fields → suite fields in the “correctTBL”.


You could do that or just push the leads in via API and create the leads based on your form data.