Importing only first row not all rows


I am having trouble in importing the meetings.
It always import the 1st row only of the csv file :frowning:

Can anyone please guide me?

It might be an issue with your CSV. Does your CSV have column headings like subject, description?

The importer usually needs such headings to be mapped.

yes it has column headings.

whenever i have a related type and parent id field, the import is always not working as expected (it only import 1st row)

But if the csv doesnโ€™t have the related type and parent id, it works well.

Any suggestion please? I needed to be able to import the elated type and parent id of the meeting.

Hi All,

I tried to import meetings and selected Parent ID, Related Type (parent type) and other fields in the demo and in a fresh installed suitecrm. Unfortunately, I encountered the same issue.
Whenever the related type is selected to be mapped with the values, the import only works in 1st row.
This could be a bug because when I removed the related type, the import is successful.