Importing leads with First/Last name in one cell (MS Excel)

We have bought leads list from [a provider - link redacted] , but the leads are delivered with the contact person in the excel files as on cell with both first and last name in the same cell, instead of separate fields of First name, Last name.
Is there a way to get around this when importing so you won’t have to manually edit thousands of leads to separate Name to First Name and Last Name?

That would be a quite horrible and time consuming task to do, so I hope to avoid this obviously.

Thanks a bunch in advance for the answer.
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First I’ll recommend you to contact your provider to see if the can provide a list with separated fields.

If not, I’ll recommend you to create a custom field and import the name in there. Then, if you want to make it a little better, you can create a logic hook to take the value from the string and divide into parts via code. Once you have it in parts, you can fill the required fields with out problems.



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Hi @pgr
Ah… Right.

Sorry about that. I didn’t know better… But I do now.

Thank you for telling me. :smiley:

Hmm so there is no way around this issue?

Its either manually create new fields or manually edit them if our provider cannot deliver the lists with separated name fields?

I don’t know how to do this - yet - I used in SugarCRM in the past/looong time ago. Things have surely changed and since SuiteCRM is a fork of it; I will probably have to start from the beginning. So I need to understand this function and how to actually do it. Which I don’t, so I guess I’m total newbee once again. :thinking:

Also thank you for the feedback.

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If you are familiar with sugar, you should be able to find your way around.

Here is a good start point:

Contact me if you need professional help.



Thanks a bunch for the help, I’ll take a look at it. :+1:

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By the way a quick question:

In the – Admin --> Studio - Leads - edit -> Fields list I cannot find any entry called “Company” or “Company Name”.

Is that because "Company"is defined in SuiteCRM as “Account”?

Thanks again.
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Accounts is the module we use for that. You can rename it Company if that helps your case.

Check this post:



Thanks for confirming what I suspected. Very helpful indeed.

I just leave it like that because if I change the name it might mess up other things I suppose in other modules of the system like when you convert a lead for example. I would need to rename all fields in all modules to make it work properly. Not worth the hassle. ,-)

I just wanted to be certain in terms of when i do the final import.

Thanks a bunch again for your kind help. :+1: :ok_hand:
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Changing the name of the module doesn’t affect functionality. It’s just a label.

About the original question - isn’t it easier to just split it in Excel using a formula?

There are plenty of tutorials on this out there, like this one

Thanks a bunch for that suggestion @pgr!

I had not thought of that myself obviously. That is the most clever way to do it for sure.

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