importing leads and customers

I just installed SuiteCRM on shared hosting and am trying to figure out how to best import my leads and customers.

I currently have them in 2 separate ACT databases, but I thought I could make them work in one database with SuiteCRM.

Are my “customers” now “accounts” ?

How do I differentiate between customers & leads when I import?

FYI - I also have an old SugarCRM database and am fairly familiar with it, but it only contains customer support records, so I’ve never dealt with this before.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Maybe you will profit from reading this

and the other “concepts” articles there.

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thanks pgr - I’ll give those a read!

cool - I’ve bookmarked this page for future reference:

but the only relevant thing I learned is that there’s a difference between a contact and a lead - so I will play with this and see what I come up with.