Importing hyperlinks, not urls?

I have a Google Sheet containing a column which contains hyperlinks, not bare urls. Is there a way to import the sheet, as a CSV or any other way, and preserve the hyperlinks?

What type of field would I create to store the hyperlinks?

Hyperlinks are just URLs in the spreadsheet. You can import them as is into a URL field and they will be clickable in SuiteCRM.

For me this imports the text label from the hyperlink, and not the URL. I would like to import the entire hyperlink into a field, is this possible?

It appears that I may need to have the hyperlink text imported into one field and the actual URL imported into another.

If your spreadsheet is formatting it as something other than a URL you’ll have to reformat it. SuiteCRM accepts fully formed URLS in a URL field: ie:

It becomes a fully clickable link on the front end.

I am simply pasting hyperlinks into Google Sheets cells. Of course, when Google Sheets are exported to CVS there is no way to preserve the complete hyperlink. I can work with this, my sheet also has a column B which extracts urls from the hyperlinks in column A. I will import the hyperlink and the url cells into separate fields. Perhaps I can recombine them into a single hyperlink with a simply customization etc, later.

Thank you for the replies and ideas.