Importing files in the background


Is there a way to upload csv files, map them and havem imported in the background or from command line?
I have a very large list that times out when uploading

Hi, @rasel!
The default Suite can load 100 records. Look at the variable ‘import_max_records_per_file’ in your config.php .
May be your web-server has very small timeout. Can you increase timeout in your web-server and/or split the file into parts?

I would like to load over 1m+ records into our contact module. Hoping to find a solution that would either let me import from command line or in background.

Yes i can split the file 20k at a time but its still alot to manage.

Is there a way to edit the batch size that it imports ? I set my php timeout to unlimited,

You can change the variable ‘import_max_records_per_file’ in your config.php .
May be in this situation, will you be able to use SQL format for export? It well be faster.

Make sure you check this out