Importing existing CRM data into SuiteCRM


I am new to the SuiteCRM world, and was hoping to get a bit of advice on importing data from one CRM (Sugar CRM) into Suite. I already have some data entered into Suite, so I was thinking exporting the Sugar CRM data into .csv and then importing into Suite. Not sure if this is the most efficient method. The existing DB’s are MySQL, so I suppose any options are on the table from SQL ‘select’ statements, to mysqldump, to csv.

Secondary question would be, if I am able to get the technical details of the export/import strategy worked out, then how to I handle the dependencies between the various Suite CRM tables (accounts, contacts, email, notes…etc)?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


Which version and Flavor of SugarCRM. you were using. if it was Pro+. then you need to consider the Team management and etc. But if it was Community edition. You can simply copy table by table and do quick repair & rebuild if new fields are added then it will show up in repair.