Importing Excel Data into SuiteCRM

I used the import function to get data from Excel but i can’t find the data on SuiteCRM.Everything was imported correctly.
I don’t know why

Hey @jordan

Can you provide screenshots of what you mean by imported correctly? How can you confirm that it didn’t work correctly? Also what version are you on?

This is a screenshot .when i try to import something it shows me that messsage.

The next problem concerns the files i already imported.I imported some files but i can’t find some informations.For example, i imported an accont but can’t find informations like customer ID

My version of CRM is 7.11.18

Ahh, Ok. So the issue is that the accounts import and created records but not all the data was imported correctly.

When you are importing did you select the fields that reflect where you wanted the values to be stored? You said Customer ID, is this a custom field or do you mean the ID of the record. By default when importing records the system generates a new ID for the record unless you specifically said “I want to use my existing field “Customer ID” to be saved as the ID or the record”. Below is me exporting accounts and using the same export file as an import (you can see the fields nicely defined)

hello , thanks for the quick reply
when i say “customer ID” i mean mean the “ID of the record”
what i want is that after importing ,all the informations should be shown appropriately.

At the end i always this message

Okay dokay. Your screenshot of the fields seems fine, nothing to highlight. What fields are NOT being imported though? You say that you can confirm the records are being created, but what data is actually missing? I see from your screenshot ID = ID of the record (225b…) that’s accurate yes?

The NOTICE errors are annoying. I suspect it’s because you have error_reporting set to on on your server. Try suppressing those errors to help the importing progress. You can do this via the php.ini on your setup replacing the error_reporting to error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_NOTICE and restarting your server (assuming apache).
After that try importing again and hopefully those NOTICEs will go away allowing you to progress further.

yes the “ID = ID of the record (225b…)” is accurate. i will try and suppress those errors
i think if i succeed to import the file all the informations will be seen like ID will be seen , right?

please how can i access the php.ini on the setup?

Quick google to find where your php.ini is :slight_smile:

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i already imported some accounts but couldn’t find the ID is there a way to find the ID directly in SuiteCRM?

You can navigate directly to a record by the below UR replacing record=185… with the ID of the record.


okay thank you,i’m still still searching for the php.ini settings

Inside SuiteCRM you can go in Admin / Diagnostics and download phpinfo to see the ini paths and all the other settings.


Thanks i could find it