Importing contact data into added fields

We have tried importing a csv file of contact data. It appears that the data for each record successfully imports into default system fields and into default system dropdown fields, even if we have added new dropdown items to the field’s list.

However, the data for each record does not import into new fields we have added. This is true even though the fields show up in the mapping screen, they are successfully mapped to columns for importing and there are no error indications on the import.

When we bring up the record in edit or detail view the fields are empty.

Please advise what we can check.


There’s supposed to be a way to make fields “reportable” (

But there doesn’t seem to be any such check box on the Edit Field dialogue in SuiteCRM 7.0.2.

Also, the field is available and takes data when we create a new contact. But it doesn’t seem to be there for the imported contacts.

We’ve done the “Quick repair and rebuild” and tried logging out and back in and clearing the browser cache.

Looks like it’s working now. We did a re-install of contacts, but it’s not clear that that was the problem. It seemed that when we tried to add custom fields to the detail view nothing happened till we also added them to the edit view. But this is not clear. Also, a number of the custom fields do not appear to be available in the Layout Options under advanced search. It’s not clear what determines this.