Import user from a .csv


I need to create many users with the same permissions and i need to create new users every month.

i use the ucs univentional portal to create my users at this time.

I seach a solution to add my users by an import of a CSV files.

Thanks you for your answer :cheer:

You can go in the users module and Export the currently existing users. You will get a CSV with the proper fields layed out for you.

Now you can replace those rows, keeping the same format, and import them in the same module.

Yes but i can’t add a password for this users and he can’t log on suite crm

If i go on suite crm -> Administration -> Users -> Import Users

But when it’s import on suite crm i can’t log with this account

If you told about this solution

Do you know how to use phpMyAdmin to access the database directly?

Once the users are imported, you can manually set a password hash. You can assign the same default password to everyone initially, or if this isn’t a good idea you can take the trouble of creating a different one for each person.

Anyway, the way to do it is: change the password for your own user from within the SuiteCRM app, and it will create a hash in your user’s row in the database. Then copy that hash value to the new user.

This is a rough procedure to just get things done quickly; if you need something more elaborate, more “best-practices”, you will need some extra work…

I know how to use but i don’t now from where i can go on this interface. For install suite CRM i use the VirtualMachine with VmWare


Well start by installing phpMyAdmin if it isn’t already installed.

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

Then it should become available at some address in your server.

For example, if your server is at

then possibly it would be at

But obviously, this depends on the configuration.

Sorry but when i tried to install phpmyadmin this VM don’t want and say “E : Impossible de trouver le paquet phpmyadmin” it’s in french


Just Google for the correct package name for your system. like

“install phpmyadmin on CentOS 8”


“install phpmyadmin on Ubuntu 16.04”

or whatever.

I couldn’t install phpmyadmin so I started installing crm suite on a web server so I set up a virtual machine on ubuntu.
I installed the prerequisites and then I tried to start the installation but during the check I have a problem
he tells me : Please fix the following directories and the files under them before proceeding :

Here is a list of steps for Ubuntu 16.04 and PHP 7.0, you can adapt it to your case if necessary

ok thank you !
It’s done now to import a user i need to define password but i don’t have the hash key of suite crm if i enter the password in clear.
it work ?

I am not sure I understand your question, but if you’re asking how to set the password for imported users, one possibility is:

  1. Change your own user’s password to a simple word, say “password”
  2. Go in the database with phpmyadmin, “users” table, and grab the hash - let’s say it’s “$1$EFGR%R$$TJCER(QAR”
  3. Put that value in other user’s hashes, and tell them that the password is “password”, and ask them to change it at first login.

There might be smarter way to do this, I don’t know. Maybe setting the “system_generated_password” field to “1” in User’s table might cause some different behaviour, try it.

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Thank you very much it’s good for me.