Import Invoices with Invoice numbers

Hi all!

Is there a way to use the front-end to import Invoices with their corresponding Invoice Numbers? We’re migrating from another system and don’t want to lose the invoice numbers that have already been used and also want to easily be able to associate Invoice Lines to each invoice by matching Invoice number when we do the imports!

Thanks very much


Dom, did you ever resolve this? I’m trying to do the same (import invoices), however, when we import the invoice it doesn’t use the number we have in the csv file, it uses the next number in the system. Everything else imports fine. How do you get it to import the number?

Hi Lou

I ended up paying an overseas developer to do the import for me - I don’t believe he was able to find a way to do it via the front end and had to run insert statements into the underlying database.

It wasn’t a big job however - just a few hours max I seem to recall.

Good luck!