Import contact in sugar but it is not working.


I am new in sugar and i trying to import contacts into Sugar, and I can’t get it to work and also spent some time to doing this but the import seems like it’s working, but then at the end of the process there are no records imported. And my import file formate is.csv.

Please share your experience.

Are you getting any errors? Also have you checked the database for new records?

No, I am not getting any error messges and also database connection is perfect i checked it. Main think is that it is working in my local machine and as well as our server. But sugar contact import is not working in Australian’s server.

Check permissions on the Australian server.

permission is 0777.Is is okey.

Dont know what to suggest, if it works locally and on your server but not on an Australian serve, there must be something wrong with the Australian server. . I would create a very basic contact import CSV with only a name and email address in it and see if you can get that to import.

ok. but i download the template csv file form that server and i tried but it was not working.