Import Attachments to Custom Module

Hi All,

I am using SuiteCRM 7.6.4.

How do I import attachments to be attached to specific records in a custom module?

I understand that we can upload attachments in the documents module, however, I want to upload it to my custom module similar to the Contact or Leads Module.

I want to display the attachment under the History/ Activity subpanel.

How do I achieve this? I am not a developer, hence unable to try any coding for this issue.

Please advice


up ?
Greeting :slight_smile:


I guess I was not very clear. I have about 5000+ documents to be attached to the same number of records, attaching each of them manually is not a very feasible solution. Is there any method by which while importing those records I can attach their specific documents as well in the same import?



read this thread for some background on how to do it via the database/beans: