Implement Search

Hi everybody,
I’ve got a crucial question about searching records in SuiteCRM.
My database is full of customers with the ‘.’ in the name. You know what i mean when i tell you that all users sometimes use ‘.’ and sometimes they don’t.
How can I implement filters or global search to allow users not to care about put the special characters in the search?

In some other software i noticed that the searched word and the column table (for example Accounts Name) are trimmed or formatted or replaced (’ . ’ with ‘’, or ’ % ’ with ‘’).
Do you kow some solutions to this problem? I imagine that is a common situation in this community.

PS For example I tried to create a column in the accounts_cstm with trim and replaced character, hoping that this is included in the indexes of global search, but no :frowning_face:

Thank you, hope to find some solution!

If you add a % character to your search, does SuiteCMRM find those names? If so, search these forums for search_wildcard_char and search_wildcard_infront for more control over your search.

About that custom field you add, did you mark it as searchable?

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