Images cannot be deleted or updated/overwritten

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After adding a photo field to Contacts, I am now unable to delete/update/overwrite any uploaded image.
Another user identified the same issue and proposed a solution:

Unfortunately, the solution does not work for me.

Any suggestions, how to delete, update or overwrite uploaded images? The “remove” button is accepted by the system and the filename no longer appears in in edit view. After saving, the image is still there in Detail View. Uploading another image after removing the first one also stays without impact.

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The solution provided works fine for me.

After making the change described, Please ensure that you run a Quick Repair and Rebuild. This can be found in the Admin > Repair menu.

The images appear to be cached to an extent. So you could still see them, even after removing them.

After you remove an image and save the record, Press CTRL+F5 on the Detailview.
This should clear your browser cache and refresh the page, which should then remove the image from the Detail view.

Dear All,
I have same problem with suitecrm 7.5.1 version. I added “image” type field to my form and cant delete or edit image file that i assigned before. Is there any solution that you found?
And; where is the upload folder for images?

Hello Everyone,

I am using SuiteCRM 7.5.3
It is a suitecrm bug.

To Solve this bug do the following:

Goto : /include/MVC/Controller/entry_point_registry.php
and go to around line no: 71

there you can find

"'deleteAttachment' => array('file' => 'modules/FP_events/responseEntryPoint.php', 'auth' => false),"

You need to replace above line with

'deleteAttachment' => array('file' => 'include/SugarFields/Fields/Image/deleteAttachment.php', 'auth' => false),

The problem is with the path of the entrypoint.

This is unupgradesafe changes…

Hi all,

This has been logged on the Github Repository:

I think you may be on to something Kishah2411, you may want to update the github issue with your findings!