Image Public File Path for External Websites

Hey guys,

Trying to understand how to access the file path of an image, I am using middle ware to publish products onto a website and can not seem to understand how images are handled. Is there a means of allowing images/files to be accessed from outside of SuiteCRM?

I can see the internal path

And the uploads folder as public_html/upload/40eec18e-493a-4672-99ac-5c4e7807aed4_image without any file name

The download entry point requires a user to be logged in to SuiteCRM.

The uploads folder also shouldn’t be directly accessible. Both these are for obvious security reasons.

When SuiteCRM needs a picture to be readable from the outside (like an image in an email that is sent), it copies the image to the public folder. Try to see how SuiteCRm does it in an existing case, and emulate that behavior for your purposes.