IfThenElse workflow calculated fields

Hi All,
suitecrm v7.11.10

Does anyone have a working nested IfThenElse formula i can take a look at, i can’t work out the syntax from the documentation (i can do it in Sugar, and excel - but this!)

The issue i have is that i have 2 parameters - interest value, influence value, that the user sets (1-4). Depending on which combination, i want another field to indicate a text output of key player, keep informed, meet their needs, keep informed.

Any help much appreciated.


I have this one:

{ifThenElse({equal({P0};60)};partial value (60 €); 
   {ifThenElse({equal({P0};75)};partial value (75 €);
       {ifThenElse({equal({P0};100)};full value (100 €); 
            {ifThenElse({equal({P0};130)};full value (130 €); )})})})}

It’s nested several levels. It prepares a custom field with a sentence that will become part of an email asking people to pay what is still due, based on what they have already payed.

There only a few discrete possibilities (those values you see) for two courses that can be payed by halves or in full (with small discount).

Thanks pgr

i thought i’d strip this back to just getting the if working. I’ve tried this:


It returns true for everything,. whereas i want it to only return true for P0=11

Any idea where i’m going wrong?


You need a semicolon between true and false, not a comma

And equal instead of equals