iframe width within a tab layout

My “financials” tab has an iframe (which currently isn’t working).

I’d like to remove the display label “Financials” and have the iframe go 100% of the area. How can I do this?

Also … any reason why this iframe isn’t working? I’m trying to iframe this page … (https://llg.io/site2/tables)

looks like it’s a HTTPS issue. when i view suitecrm pages on non-secure HTTP – the iframe shows. when I view through HTTPS, I get an unsecure scripts error which doesnt display the iframe.

Who’s giving you the unsecure scripts error? Your web server, or SuiteCRM?

iframes are a touchy security issue…

You can further edit how it looks (for example to remove the label from the left of the iframe) by overriding the display class in your view.

Google for “inject javascript into detail view sugarcrm” or similar queries. change “detail view” to edit or list view if that’s what you want.