Id Fields & other Fields

after trying to import some data, I’ve noticed it is possible to assign a value to the “Id field”.
I’ve also noticed thad Id field has a type named “id” and a comment as “unique identifier” which is something I intend to use…
Is this an auto-inc for internal use only?
Can’t I use it as a search field?
Why doesn’t it appear on the fields list, when creating a layout?

Hi Paulo,

Every record has a unique ID. It is a random 26 digit unique identifier which cannot be searched upon.



auch. Ok.
Thank you

if you are importing data, you can set that value. We have. We are importing data from SAP. We use the SAP number for the ID. this helps us tie everything together. anything that is created within SuiteCRM/SugarCRM get a 36 unique ID. that’s ok for data that’s not getting synced from SAP. Just has to be unique.