I need information about suite crm for several databases

I would like to use CRM Suite in my company for contact management.
I would like to install it on my company’s servers.
And I have several contact databases that do not communicate with each other. How is the compartmentalization of the databases and if it is possible?
Is it possible to install one instance of CRM Suite for multiple databases. Knowing that you don’t need to have access to the data present in the other databases. They must be completely isolated.
Thank you

If you want to connect to different databases using Same CRM files, then you have to duplicate the CRM folder and change DB Connection details in each instance. If your files are in repository you can have different branches/files too.

if you are looking for same URL with same files that would need to connect to different DBs, then you would need to change DB config settings in Index.php or during User Login so connect to relevant database based on either User or any params.