I lost it in the contracts module subpanel


In contracts module there was relationship between Contract and Security Suite Management, but wasn’t visible like subpanel. I created another one.

After several days, this second relationship also disappeared from contracts subpanels.

Next time I try it by codding , but after a few days, that one disappeared too:

How can I fix this? I want to contract module have the ability to assign several groups.

Interesting. May we know what version of SuiteCRM, PHP and SQL you are using please.

Also are you adding your code under the custom folder?

Thank you for your reply. In custom folder where should I add it?

About version, SuiteCRM - 7.11.18 , PHP - 7.4 , SQL MariaDB latest version.

You will need to downgrade your PHP version. It’s not fully supported: https://docs.suitecrm.com/admin/compatibility-matrix/

Now regarding customization, you can find more information here:

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